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  • Master every fighting style – Learn the flow of combat, and move with deadly precision. Unleash a stunning combination of attacks specific to a range of authentic samurai weapons, including polearms, katanas and axes.
  • Explore a fantastical and dark vision of 16th century Japan – Fight alongside legendary heroes and against horrific villains of the Warring States period.
  • Face brutal and grotesque enemies – Do you have the courage to stand alone against skilled samurai, vile beasts and demons known as the Yokai?

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Ready your blade – grueling encounters await around every corner in this action RPG in a vast land ravaged by civil war.

To triumph you’ll need patience, to learn where each foe – human or demon – is strong, and when to strike at their weaknesses.

Embrace every defeat as a step along the path to victory. Only in death will you find the way of the samurai.

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