Whether you have a Nintendo, PlayStation or an Xbox, they are not without their problems though. It seems that more and more consoles are having problems as they age. We are here to help. We love taking these things apart. We have years of experience with console repairs and we have spent the money to buy professional level tools and equipment to fix your console correctly. We stock every part for all models of consoles so we are ready to quickly and accurately repair any console that comes through our doors.

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Most Common Repairs & Services

The flashing blue light on a console is nicknamed the “Blue Light of Death” or “BLOD”.  This light is an indication of a hardware failure, often due to a failed APU, power supply or memory chips. There are a handful of reasons for what causes Blue Light of Death errors, such as:

  • The air vents are blocked, either from furniture or dust inside of it.
  • The games being played on it require it to work harder than usual.
  • It’s being used for hours on end without breaks to cool down.
Yes, we fix these! We don’t know of any other repair shop that will even take an infested console, but we do. We receive lots of consoles that are infested with cockroaches and even a few that are infested with ants. Insects love game consoles because they are dark inside and they get warm when they are turned on so lots of people have problems with infested consoles. Our repair service will get you back up and running quickly. Image
Like any other piece of machinery, your console is bound to experience some wear and tear. Depending on how long you have had your console and how frequently you use your console has a direct effect on the health of your console. Problems can arise at any moment. And the last thing you want is for a little problem to snowball into an even bigger one. So why take the risk? Your gaming console is expensive and you should get the most out of it. So if you’re encountering little problems with your console, take a proactive approach and contact TecRoot. Our seasoned professional technicians offer console cleaning and tune up services at an affordable price with a quick turn around. It beats the manufacturer’s overpriced maintenance costs and slow service. So don’t hesitate. Come to TecRoot, the stress free solution. No appointment necessary. Image
Analogue Stick Repairs:

  • Controller sticks drifting or ghosting.
  • Controller sticks are worn and uncomfortable to use.

Charging Issue Repairs:

  • Joy pad does not charge when connected to the console.
  • Cable does not fit into port correctly, or only charges at certain position.
  • Controller has no power, does not power on.

 Button Repairs:

  • Bumper buttons or triggers have broken off and/or do not respond when pressed.
  • Button get stuck or do not respond every time when pressed.

Earphone and Mic Repairs:

  • Headset not connecting to console when connected to the controller.
Do you keep hearing clicking and grinding noises when a disc is in your console? Do you keep experiencing freezing? If you do you may have a faulty disc drive. These drives are delicate, are easily prone to wear and tear, and become damaged for a variety of reasons. Your console may have been bumped or dropped while the system was running. Sometimes the drive’s electric motor has bad bearings or other mechanical defects. Whatever the reason, you need a proper working disc drive to get the full enjoyment of your console. And TecRoot will be happy to provide that for you. Image
Your console needs it’s internal fan working properly at all times. Without it, a wide variety of problems may arise. Your system can overheat, you’ll receive ventilation/airflow messages, experience loud jet-like fan sounds, or hear no fan sounds at all. Why does this happen? Unfortunately over time, dust and debris can add up and cause damage to your console fan. So if you think your fan is in need of repair, contact TecRoot. Not fixing your fan may cause further damage down the road. So why not be proactive? Image
Like any computer, your console has a hard drive that needs to be in working order. But sometimes, those hard drives can become damaged or corrupt. And you want to be careful about dealing with a damaged or corrupt hard drive, because fixing one often requires wiping the hard drive’s memory. So if you don’t back up the drive and aren’t careful, you may easily lose all your drive’s information. That means you may lose all your downloaded games, game progresses, movies, videos, etc. So when dealing with a malfunctioning hard drive, why not call the professionals? Don’t take any risks. Image
Have you tried every HDMI cord in your wire collection and still you can’t see your images on your TV monitor? If so, you may be in need of a HDMI port repair.  HDMI ports go bad all the time.  In fact, damaged and broken HDMI ports are the most common problem on the console.  Luckily, TecRoot makes replacing a broken a HDMI port an easy and affordable endeavor. Image
If your console sounds like a jet engine, or turns off on its own and gives you an overheating error, we can fix it! There are several things that can cause this type of problem but we can fix pretty much all of them. This repair includes heat sink cleaning, thermal paste replacement and anything else that it needs to get it running cooler again. Image
Your console won’t turn on anymore? The console turns off while you are using it without any reasons? The power supply of your console is noisy, it buzzes or overheats? In short, you need to replace it to have a like-new console without having to buy a new console. The power supply of the console is the component which is the most exposed to wear and high voltage. Luckily, now you can bring your console back to life by replacing the defective power supply at a low cost. Image

No idea what’s wrong with your console? Need something just soldered? We fix lots of other random things on these consoles. We have every part for them in stock and ready for your random repair. We’ve got Wi-Fi antennas, motherboards, fans, cases, disc drives, power supplies and every other part for every model of these consoles so you can be assured that whatever part you need you won’t be waiting forever for them.

The service is really easy to use – simply deliver your console or controller to us, we will diagnose the issue and then you can accept the quote. We will have it back good as new in no time, and even offer a warranty up to 30 days for the fix. If the service or repair is requested to be cancelled after diagnosis, a diagnosis fee of LKR 6000 will be charged.

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