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  • Lithium-Magnesium Alloy Dome Composite Diaphragm
  • Cutting-Edge Electroacoustic Technology
  • CNC-Milled Cast Alloy Shell with Iridescent Paint Finish and Brass Acoustic Nozzle
  • Deeper and More Powerful Bass Extension
  • Full-frequency Distortion Below 0.05%
  • Premium Silver-plated Cable

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Fully Balanced Structure

Pure metal diaphragm combines high rigidity with light weight. The density of lithium is only 0.534 g/cm3, and that of magnesium only 1.74 g/cm3, both lower than that of beryllium(1.85 g/cm3). Our innovative diapfhragm incorporates a lithium-magnesium alloy, providing the ultimate blend of rigidity and lightweight, surpassing the performance of pure beryllium domes. Furthermore, the Li-Mg alloy boasts an exceptional damping coefficient, enhancing not only the overall bandwidth and playback intricacies but also effectively mitigating undesirable resonances and elevating the authenticity of the treble reproduction.


Cutting-Edge Electroacoustic Technology

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Electroacoustic Technology. The MOONDROP brand has been developed on the basis of constant improvement in electroacoustic technology and significant investment in R&D.The MOONDROP R&D team applies its accumulated scientific and engineering know-how and expertise to every stage of hardware development and testing, and subjective tuning of in-ear headphones is performed by experienced audio professionals. This coordinated in-house teamwork streamlines the introduction and application of new materials in MOONDROP products.


CNC-Milled Cast Alloy Shell with Iridescent Paint Finish and Brass Acoustic Nozzle

Starfield 2 Boasts exquisite brass CNC-milled nozzle, gold-plated for enhanced precision and rich, melodic timbre. Experience the next level of convenience with Starfield 2’s cutting-edge replaceable acoustic filters. The removable tip at the front end of the brass nozzle allows you to quickly and easily replace the filters to fine-tune your sound experience. Unlike traditional multi-layer filters, the streamlined design ensures effortless replacements and enhanced reliability. Plus, you’ll save on costs for potential blockage or damage. Drawing inspiration from the original Starfield’s technology, Starfield 2 elevates its design with a meticulously CNC-milled cast alloy shell. This intricate shell is enhanced with an iridescent paint coating, which mesmerizingly reflects a kaleidoscope of colors from diverse angles and lighting conditions, evoking the enchanting beauty of a starry sky.


Deeper and More Powerful Bass Extension

Crafted by seasoned acoustic engineers, Starfield 2 showcases an impeccable frequency response curve, precisely aligned with the VDSF Target Response. Its lithium-magnesium alloy dome diaphragm delivers a pristine, transparent, and exceptionally accurate timbre. Starfield 2 also ships with a bass booster plug that can be inserted in the groove of the pressure vent, resulting in greatly increased sub-bass. For bass enthusiasts, the Starfield 2 bass booster unleashes a profound sub-bass enhancement, adding depth and power to your music, making every beat resonate with captivating richness.


Full-frequency Distortion Below 0.05%

Ultra-Low Nonlinear Distortion Reproduction of Subtle Details. Step into a world of auditory bliss with Starfield 2, where cutting-edge technology and meticulous diaphragm craftsmanship converge to achieve an astonishing nonlinear full-frequency distortion below 0.05%. MOONDROP VDSF Target Response is a target frequency response curve based on the HRTF (head-related transfer function) of B&K HATS under diffusion and the ideal room preference curve. The closer the frequency response curve measured under B&K HATS is to the target frequency response curve, the more the earphones can reproduce soundstage imaging in terms of frequency response.

Premium Silver-plated Cable

Elevate your sound with our high-quality single-ended cable. Experience unparalleled audio clarity with Starfield 2’s brand-new custom silver-plated cable, meticulously designed with a star-twisted structure to minimize signal interference. The specially crafted color matching complements the earphone shell, enhancing the starry theme. In addition, Starfield 2 uses a universal 0.78mm interchangeable cable, allowing users to replace the cable or make use of Bluetooth neckband/TWS ear-hooks for different usage scenarios.

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Driver: Ultra-low distortion dynamic driver of 10mm Mg-Li-Alloy dome composite diaphragm
Frequency Response: 12Hz-24kHz (IEC61094, Free Field)
Effective Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (IEC60318-4, -3dB)
Sensitivity: 122dB/Vrms (@1kHz)
Impedance: 15Ω±15% (@1kHz)
THD: ≤0.08% (@1kHz)
Headphone Jack: 0.78-2pin
Plug: 3.5mm single-ended
Cavity material: Zinc alloy cavity + brass nozzle

What’s In The Box?
Starfield 2
Storage bag
Silicone ear-tips (S, M, L)


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