• Low Voltage Electrostatic Technology: KZ ZEX has Electrostatic and DD hybrid technology configurations. ZEX’s electret electrostatic screwdriver has better resolution characteristics, and the loss of high-pitched sound and extremely high-pitched sound is reduced to the maximum. So the sound can be reproduced properly.
  • HiFi Wired Earphones: KZ ZEX is equipped with a 10mm double magnetic flux dynamic driver and the instantaneous reaction is fast. KZ ZEX also enjoys HiFi-level professional sound quality when connected to a mobile phone. Passive noise sound canceling, effectively protecting listening.
  • Electret Low-voltage Electrostatic Unit: KZ ZEX’s electret electrostatic driver is located in the sound guide tube of the earphone, so the loss of high-pitched sound and extremely high-pitched sound is reduced to the maximum. Brings better extendibility. The KZ ZEX electret electrostatic earbuds have better resolution characteristics, so the sound can be reproduced properly.
  • 2-pin Interchangeable Cable Design: The 0.75mm gold-plated pin effectively prolongs the service life and adapts to a variety of standard 2-Pin upgrade cables. Wired headphones become TWS wireless earphones. Bluetooth upgrade cable and silver-plated upgrade cable are all available.

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Superior Electrostatic Technology
Electrostatic + Dynamic Hybrid Dual Unit

Low Voltage Electrostatic Unit
Dual Magnetic Dynamic Unit
The Natural and Deep Sound
Silver-plated original cable
Upgradable 2-Pin cable
Ergonomic design
Zinc alloy process


Self-Developed High-Performance Hybrid Configuration
Advanced Technology Proves Innovative Strength

KZ ZEX is designed for listeners who pursue the ultimate music experience. Hybrid Electrostatic + Dynamic configuration has a strong detail analysis performance. Always maintain the concept of cost-effectiveness and develop truly unique and professional products.


Electrostatic + Dynamic Hybrid Technology
Music details are much richer

KZ ZEX uses the current advanced hybrid ways. The 6.8mm low-voltage electrostatic unit and the 10mm dual magnetic dynamic unit cooperate, bursting out shocking detailed analysis and the super cool listening atmosphere.

Low-voltage electrostatic unit

Interpretation of high frequency and ultra-high frequency

The dual magnetic dynamic unit
Responsible for mid-frequency and low frequency


20-40kHz Wide Sound Field
Sound Field And Sense Of Hearing Are Fully Improved

The sensitivity of the electrostatic unit is better than that of the dynamic unit in the 20kHz frequency band. The breakthrough in hardware brings a deep and ethereal whale sound effect, like a whale humming in the ocean, with a vast sound field and an immersive atmosphere.


High-Efficiency Electrostatic Energy Conversion Technology
The superior result of acoustics research and development

Compared with other types of sound units of the same specification, the performance is superior, and the quality is more stable. It is suitable for expanding the high-frequency matrix and performing a deeper interpretation of music details.

Electret low-voltage electrostatic unit
KZ ZEX’s design is based on the reverse principle of an electret condenser microphone.

Micron-level diaphragm
High-density, Clear layers
Powerful detail reduction
The distortion rate is reduced


Impeccable Craftsmanship And Aesthetics
Rare Texture In Products Of The Same Level

The KZ ZEX’s body is cast zinc alloy, and imported resin is entirely natural, almost seamless. Polish the appearance repeatedly until it is incredible at a glance. The distinctive streamline design presents special optical effects.


5 Minutes Of Extremely Fast Burn-in
Mobile Phone Also Can Be Used
Enjoy Hi-Fi Sound Quality
Immerse Yourself In The Game

The newly developed low-voltage electrostatic unit, listening for 5 minutes is enough to stimulate the unit’s potential, and only a little current is needed to show strong performance potential. You can also enjoy Hi-Fi-level professional sound quality when connected to a mobile phone.


Standard 2-Pin Interface
Freely Upgrade To Bluetooth Earphones

The 0.75mm gold-plated pin effectively prolongs the service life and adapts to a variety of standard 2-Pin upgrade cables. Free combination, start the fun of product upgrades.
* Upgrade cable needs to be purchased.


Ergonomic Design
Comfortable Wearing Experience

The cavity contour designed in combination with the big data of the auricle and the ear canal and the delicate and smooth surface treatment bring a comfortable wearing experience for the listener.


Standard Professional Silver-plated Flat Cables Reduce Signal Transmission Loss

The new type of flat cable can prevent winding, reduce pulling and reduce the risk of cable failure. The silver-plated layer enhances resolution, reduces distortion, and is born for Hi-Fi sound quality.


HD Condenser Microphone

Compatible with standard mobile phone high-definition calls.

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Model: KZ ZEX
Wear: In-ear
Resistance: 25Ω
Sensitivity: 103dB
Frequency: 20Hz-40kHz
Plug Type: 3.5mm
Pin Type: 0.75mm
Line Length: 120±5cm
Cable: Double line silver-plated cable


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