Little Dragons Café: Limited Edition

PlayStation 4

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Little Dragons Cafe Limited Edition includes:

  • Little Dragons Cafe Game
  • Set of 18 Collectible Character Cards
  • Soundtrack CD with 17 music tracks
  • 9″ long x 7″ high exclusive plush baby dragon
  • Collectible Box

LKR 7,000 LKR 6,300

Out of stock

Little Dragons Café is the latest tour de’ force from Yasuhiro Wada, founder of the Harvest Moon series. The story begins with a twin brother and sister running a small café with their mother. All was peaceful and routine until one morning the twins discovered that their mother fell into a deep sleep and wouldn’t wake up. Suddenly, an old wizard appears and tells the twins that their mother is gravely ill and that they must raise a dragon in order to save her. Working together with their three quirky staff members (waiter, waitress, and chef), the two siblings must raise a dragon and manage the family business while at the same time discover what is causing their mother’s illness and find a cure.

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Package Contents

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 11 cm

1 x Game Disc
18 x Collectible Character Cards
1 x Soundtrack CD
1 x Plush Baby Dragon
1 x Collectible Box


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