Game Over Light V2

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  • Colourful Fun – Choose a colour or select the phasing option and watch the word “OVER” change between different colours. The game might be over, but the party isn’t with an 8-bit light that flashes to the beat of your music.
  • Party Mode – Turn up your music with party mode on to see the light flash in time with your beat. There’s no need to plug the light into your phone or stereo, the sound reactive light will automatically respond to music.
  • Lots of Options – Choose your favorite colour, change it every day, or compliment your room with the steady- on static light option.
  • Power – Power up the light by plugging in the included USB cord into any USB port whether that’s your laptop, gaming console, power bank, or your own USB adapter.
  • 3 Modes – It’s 3 colourful modes of fun! Choose to have the lights flash to the beat of music, steady- on mode in your choice of a static solid colour, or colour changing mode with 7 different colours.
  • Great Gift – Looking for a gift for the friend who has everything? Light up collectables are a great solution for the gaming fan in your life. For guys, girls, or even your work bestie, we have a design for everyone.

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A great gift for gamers of all ages, this Game Over Light brightens up any bedroom or gaming den. Standing 30cm wide (approx. 12in), this homage to the 8bit gaming era is a retro-cool gift celebrating the big, brash and colourful early days of gaming culture. Designed in classic early ‘Game Over’ pixelated type font, the ‘Over’ part of the light changes colour, red to blue to green to purple, while the ‘Game’ remains white. USB powered (with a USB cable included), the Game Over Light is the perfect gaming themed addition to any gamer’s bedroom or living space. The distinctive ‘Game Over’ message, as seen countless times when losing classing arcade and early console games, is recognizable to gamers worldwide, indicating both the crushing defeat of a failed attempt at completion, and the spur to press start and have another go. So light up your room and use the classic sign as inspiration to once more delve into the virtual world of gaming for another adventure! This product is made using BDP™ which stands for Breakdown Plastic – an organic additive that helps plastic decompose at landfill without affecting either its structural integrity (before landfill) or the recyclability of the product.
Game Over light on table next to moniter
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Package Contents

Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 16 cm

1 x Game Over Light
1 x USB Cable

2 reviews for Game Over Light V2

  1. V. J.

    I love this little retro light, it’s made a great addition to my gaming setup, and my followers loved it on stream. The only things I would ask that they improve are 1. put the instructions for how many presses to set the light to each mode on the back, and make the sound sensor a bit more sensitive. The lack of instructions printed on the item, and the sound sensor issues are minor though, you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of this little light, and it does make a decent night light if you need to use it for one too!

    V. J.

  2. Ifaz



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