CRP Pedals

MOZA Racing

  • Master the Art of Braking and Accelerating
  • 3-Stage Clutch
  • CNC Aluminum Pedal Assembly
  • Fully Adjustable and Configurable
  • High-Precision Pressure Sensor

LKR 200,000

or 3 X LKR 70,175 with Koko Koko
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Unmatched Style and Performance

With a sleek black and gold design, the CRP pedals take inspiration from modern hypercar styling.


Aluminum Alloy Pedal Assembly

The CRP pedals are primarily made of CNC aluminum alloy, offering drivers a solid, sturdy and reliable platform that can easily withstand heavy braking or the quickest foot work.


Load Cell Pressure Sensor

Featuring MOZA’s M-Pressure system, the CRP Pedals utilize a high-precision load cell sensor to consistently and accurately measure braking force.


3-Stage Clutch

The CRP 3-stage clutch offers a serious advantage to ensure drivers get the best possible launch. The first stage provides low resistance, with a sharp increase in the second stage, simulating a clutch disc spring. The final third stage has a clear resistance drop off, to ensure consistency for every race start.


Fully Adjustable for Every Racer

Easily change the resistance of each pedal individually, using the included springs and damping blocks to create your perfect pedal feel. Configure linearity easily in the MOZA Pit House App.


Floor Mounted Organ Throttle Design

MOZA’s Organ throttle allows for the driver’s foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory, allowing for consistency and comfort, as well as accurate input for the best control.


Adjustable Travel

Use the adjustable knobs to customize the CRP pedal travel, for even more comfort options and the perfect fit.


Adjustable Fit

MOZA’s patented pedal angle adjustment allows for extended options when adjusting the pedals in depth.

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Weight 10.10 kg

Overall material: All aluminum alloy with CNC process
Load cell: 1500N/750N
The actual maximum monitoring force of the brake: 750N/375N
Throttle form: Organ floor type
Pedal force: Adjustable
Pedal face angle: Adjustable
Pedal distance: Adjustable
Pedal Flush: Adjustable
Pedal stroke: Adjustable
Connection way: Adjustable
Size: 364mm*415.1mm*256.5mm
Mass: 7.5KG

Clutch, Brake, and Throttle
Base Plate x1
USB cable
Screw kit (M8*12 Bolt x 28; M4*22 Screw x2; )
Open spanner x1, 5mm spanner x1, 4mm spanner x1, 3mm spanner x1
Quick start guide & Warranty card
Brake rubber spring x2
Brake compression spring x2

*CRP Pedals are compatible with other products as you can use them with USB together with any other brand.


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