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If you loved Jin’s adventure in Tsushima Island, Oh Boy!, You’re going to love this.

ghost 2

If you thought you were done with Ghost of Tsushima content, you were wrong…..VERY WRONG. With Ghost of Tsushima : Director’s Cut you will be revisiting Jin’s adventure with a bang!. This new version of the game will include some ps5 specific enhancements and here this out, *DRUMROLLS* a new expansion named the “IKI Island”‘, this expansion includes a New Story, A whole new island to explore, New enemies to introduce your shiny katana, and more!

Ghost of Tsushima : Director’s Cut is coming out for PS4 and Ps5 on August 20th 2021

PS4 and PS5

  • IKI Island Expansion

PS5 only

  • Japanese lip sync
  • Haptic feedback and Adaptive trigger support
  • 3D audio support
  • Drastically improved loading times
  • 4k resolution options
  • Framerate targeting 60fps

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