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Co-founder of OnePlus taking on Apple with $99 wireless earbuds Leave a comment

I know what you’re thinking, “Doesn’t this look like an Apple Airpods Pro without the outer stem casing?” And we agree, but, it is original and the design is quite intriguing, props to Carl Pei’s for that. Talking about Carl Pei, if he doesn’t sound familiar, he is the Co-founder of One Plus and now with his new Hardware start up Nothing, which aims to develop a series of smart devices connected via a app. If you ask me, Carl Pei is not only taking on Apple with the new earbuds but is also taking on Apple’s eco system.

Nothing’s Ear 1 comes with active noise cancellation, and hear this out, they cost 99$. This isn’t the traditional price tag we see with noise cancelling earbuds. Nothing is trying to look different from their rivals with their new design mindset. The earbuds show users the magnets that connect to its case, which are usually hidden in most wireless earphones, the left and right earbuds are specified with white and red respectively too. The Ear 1 buds come with three different mics too, two of which collect ambient sound while the third focuses on your voice. The buds link with Nothing’s app which include equalization settings and surprisingly, three noise cancellation modes. we wonder how that works.

Nothing’s Ear 1 will be available on August 17th 2021 with limited stocks, so grab yours quick as possible.

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